One of the most surprising things about burnout is that it starts in a positive way, with the so-called honeymoon stage.

How to flow

What is the link between flow, productivity & burnout?

It is a common misconception that burnout starts when you have no more energy left to go to work. Would you recognise the symptoms?

How to motivate yourself when you don't feel like working

We underestimate the influence that our thoughts and body energy have on our ability to get things done. Curious to learn how to hack your productivity and do away with procrastination forever?

Soul misalignment & burnout

Can burnout be a gift on our path of greater body-mind-soul alignment?

How to hack work-life balance?

Is it possible to achieve the perfect work-life balance without always feeling that there's too much of one and too little of the other? How to ride the wave of high energy no matter what you're doing?

"Burnout is something I never thought I had. Then, I realised that most of the working 9-5 population is burning out."

Kristina entered the Burnout Heroes program with the intention to improve her working habits and scale a healthy work-life balance in her newly founded company.

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Bianca Raby | Let go of perfection

Australian educator and entrepreneur Bianca Raby joined us at Burnout Heroes to share her story from a public school teacher to a CEO of an educational technology company. Driven by her desire to prove herself and to make the world a better place, she talks openly about her burnout and how it transformed her life, and the inspiring way she manages her business now.

Simon Hall | How We Do One Thing In Life Is How We Do Everything

Simon Hall, founder and CEO of the Nourish Group shares his burnout story. Starting early as an athlete and a successful professional Simon experienced multiple burnouts and eventually left behind his old life in the UK, moved to Bali and created one of the world's top 20 podcasts to inspire others in living their best life. Full of Simon's wisdom nuggets, this interview is a must-watch if you're looking for motivation, lifestyle tips and honest truth about what it's like to experience burnout.

Mishka Sibert | Environment and my beliefs caused my burnout